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Lipoma and cyst removal in Birmingham

People in Birmingham should know that lipomas are small growths beneath your skin that usually occur due to an accumulation of fat cells. Lipomas can grow anywhere on your body, although they are more common on armpits, upper arms and thighs, neck and torso. These slow-growing tumors are benign and harmless and they can occur at any age, being easy to identify because they are painless and movable.

Lipoma causes are not truly known, but they sometimes appear after injuries. It is not known if they grow because of injury, or they were there to begin with. On the other hand, they tend to run in the family and thus they are thought to be genetic. Although lipomas do not generally require treatment, there are cases in which they can grow and press on your nerves and then require specialized consultation and removal.

Similar to lipomas, cysts are also benign tumors. A sebaceous cyst can be epidermoid when it occurs in the epidermis and pilar when it originates in the hair follicles.  The most common places where a sebaceous cyst can occur are the scalp, back, face and upper arms. These cysts are usually a movable mass made of  fibrous tissues, fatty substance or a serosanguineous fluid which can be purulent and bloody.  Cysts occur due to a blockage of a sebaceous gland, swollen hair follicles and in men, due to excessive testosterone production. Unlike Lipomas, cysts need to be treated immediately as they are painful and they can get infected.

What lipomas and cysts have in common is their treatment, as they can both be treated with minor surgery.  The advantage of minor surgery procedure for lipoma removal and cyst removal in  Birmingham is given by the fact that minor surgery is an in-office procedure which doesn’t require hospitalization. The reason why it is called minor surgery is that it neither requires a general anesthesia, the procedure being performed under a local anesthetic, and the only pain you will be feeling is the prick of the needle.

Also, people in Birmingham should know that the minor surgery procedure for lipoma removal and cyst removal is not only painless but also fast, depending on your condition, because for a typical skin lesion it lasts between 10-15 minutes, whereas for an increased skin lesion it can last for up to 30 minutes and it doesn’t have any downtime, the patient being able to return to his/her normal routine straight after the minor surgery procedure.

Despite the fact that there are few risks when undergoing a minor surgery procedure in Birmingham for lipoma removal or cysts removal, you should benefit from a specialized consultation during which the specialist/private dermatologist will perform a medical history check and a current health assessment.

If you are from Birmingham and you are looking for a specialist to have your cysts and lipomas removed with minor surgery, it is always best to resort to a center specialized on minor surgery.