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Lipoma and cyst removal in London

Lipomas and cysts removal procedures are performed in London’s specialized medical centers, by highly experienced practitioners who can ensure that you receive excellent cosmetic results as well as provide you with only the best treatment possibilities and procedures.

Lipomas are generally harmless growths that can be found anywhere on the skin, between its surface and the first layer of muscles, contained in a thin capsule. They appear due to genetic reasons or after minor injuries and can be identified as a bump or lump that moves when pressure is applied to it. They can develop at any age, having a greater incidence in middle-aged people. Generally, lipomas are harmless growths which rarely represent a health risk, but there is the possibility of developing symptoms like: becoming tender, infected, growing rapidly, causing pain or creating discomfort start to appear or develop, when you are advised to contact a qualified dermatologist at one of London’s specialized medical centers who can help you undergo lipoma removal procedures which involves minor surgery.

Cysts and Sebaceous cysts are closed sacks which contain keratin and a rancid smelling liquid due to fat build-up and are also located underneath the skin and can develop anywhere on the body due to swollen hair follicles and skin injuries. As lipomas, cysts and sebaceous cysts are generally harmless and tend to disappear in time, but also have the possibility to become a health risks. Cysts can become infected or present the risk of interior decomposition, the main symptoms that can help you determine you to undergo a consultation in one of London’s specialized medical centers which you can freely contact at any time in order to prevent this from happening are: actually becoming infected, painful or unsightly. Cyst removal and sebaceous cyst removal also require minor surgery.

Before undergoing any procedure, your medical history will be assessed and a skin condition examination will be performed, followed by a discussion with your dermatologist in which he will advise you on the best procedure you can undergo for lipoma removal and cyst removal. As mentioned earlier, the recommended procedure is minor surgery, which is a great solution because it is minimally-invasive, fast, safe and simple and is performed under a local anesthetic thus making it practically painless, it is also minimally scarring and requires no downtime or hospitalization, so you can resume your daily activities right after it.