Our minor operation treatments in Manchester

Lipoma and cyst removal in Manchester

In Manchester’s medical centers you can find highly qualified surgeons and dermatologists who can help you by informing you of removal procedures performed for lipomas and cysts, providing you with all the necessary information you need in order to choose from treatment programs and possible procedures.

Lipomas, which are generally identified as lumps or bumps that move when pressure is applied to them, are a cluster of fat tissue that is contained in a thin capsule. They develop genetically or after minor injuries and can be found anywhere on the skin with the possibility of occurring at any age, but mostly in middle-aged people. They are generally harmless and rarely develop into a health issue, but if presenting symptoms such as: becoming tender, creating discomfort, becoming infected, growing rapidly or causing pain you are advised to contact a qualified dermatologist immediately, because they can indicate the presence of cancer. Specialist medical centers in Manchester offer exquisite diagnostics this ensuring that your lipomas will no longer pose a threat to your health.

Cysts and sebaceous cysts represent a closed sack which contains keratin and a rancid smelling liquid, due to fat build-up, being generally caused by swollen hair follicles and skin injuries. Cysts can appear anywhere on the body, are harmless and tend to disappear in time, the only health risk they present is that they can develop bacterial infections, with the possibility of interior decomposition. The ones that develop an infection may also become highly painful and unsightly, when you are recommended to see a specialist regarding cyst removal and sebaceous cyst removal.

Both lipoma removal and cyst removal require minor surgery procedures which are performed by qualified and experienced dermatologists and surgeons at Manchester’s medical centers before which you will undergo a skin condition examination and a medical health analysis, leading to a discussion with your dermatologist concerning the procedure. Minor surgery for lipoma removal and cyst removal is performed under a local anesthetic thus being painless, quick and safe, having minimal risks and scarring levels and if you live in Manchester you can rest assured that after the procedure, lipomas and cysts will no longer represent a health threat.