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Lumps and mole removal in Brighton & Hove

Lumps and bumps are common benign skin conditions. These conditions include moles, cysts, dermatofibromas, lipomas, small white lumps, etc. For people in Brighton & Hove who want to have a bump or lump removed, it is best to know that the most appropriate treatment a specialist in Brighton & Hove can recommend for lumps removal is a minor surgery.

Among the most common skin lesions that people want to remove are moles, due to the desire to have a flawless skin, or because, despite the fact that most of them are harmless and benign, these can become cancerous. If you undergo a specialized consultation in Brighton & Hove and the specialist can rule out the fact that your mole is cancerous, the best option for mole removal is a radiosurgery procedure.

The radiosurgery procedure for mole removal is a fast and painless procedure that is performed in-office under a local anesthetic. Radiosurgery for mole removal uses high frequency radio waves to do the cutting, at a low temperature, thus instantly cauterizing the tissue, and causing no damage to the adjacent ones. Another advantage of the mole removal procedure with radiosurgery is that due to the instant cauterization, there is no bleeding, thus the healing time is shorter and there is virtually no scarring after the mole removal treatment.

If the practitioner cannot rule out the mole’s malignancy and a biopsy or total excision is necessary, the specialist from the Brighton &  Hove medical center will recommend you minor surgery.

Minor surgery is also the necessary procedure for lump removal. For instance, if you have a dermatofibroma, which is a condition that mostly affects women, and is usually asymptomatic, but may hurt or itch when you touch it, the specialist will perform the in-office minor surgery procedure under a local anesthetic, does not require hospitalization, and involves no downtime.

Minor surgery for lump removal is fast and painless, a session lasting between 15-30 minutes, depending on the severity of your skin condition, it is minimally invasive and minimally scarring. The minor surgery’s side-effects are mild and may include some bruising and swelling right after the procedure, but these will wear off in a matter of days.

As stated before, you should always see a specialist before deciding on a treatment for your lumps removal or mole removal at a specialized center in your city, Brighton & Hove, who can also perform a specialized consultation before submitting you to any procedure, and who has enough experience to guarantee you the cosmetic results you desire.