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How We Work

First of all, our minor operation community is filled with medical news and case reports, because we want to send people to a safe practice by offering them information and sharing with them helpful experiences, due to the fact that many of those who have undergone minor surgery procedures and experienced practitioners all over the country subscribe to our website and share their experiences.

We want to draw the attention both of those who need the procedure and of those who perform the minor surgery operation over the mistakes and pitfalls that can be encountered, in order to help them to get or to offer the desired results.

We have founded this community because we believe in the value of education and risk management. We want to teach the practitioners about clinical risk management, practice systems and processes, communication and interpersonal skills and about professionalism and ethics, and the patients what to ask during a consultation, what to expect from the minor surgery procedure for lump removal, lipoma removal, cyst removal, mole removal, carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger disorder treatments and what the symptoms and causes of these conditions are, we make reference here to accurate diagnoses, as they are key-factors in the setting of highly effective treatments that will also prevent recurrence.  

Since this is a community, we depend a lot on those who subscribe to the web site, and offer us pieces of advice and information from their personal experiences, whether they are GP’s or patients.

Our site also provides an index with all the clinics in England providing high-quality minor surgery procedures at a low price and all their contact details because we are patient-oriented. You can ask questions to their GP’s and even book an appointment with just one click. Our team is always there at your service, and we try to solve your problems as soon as possible and in the most time and cost-effective.

Our technicians created a user-friendly web site, suitable to all kinds of devices, so that if you have an urgent matter we can be just a click away. The minor operation community is opened for everyone who wants to join it, free of any charges.