Our Services

Minor Operation provides information an treatment options for skin conditions causing lumps, bumps and swelling, which can be treated with minor surgery.

These include: cysts, moles, lipoma, skin tags, carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger.

We use cutting edge diagnosis and treatment methods to offer you an affordable solution to conditions which are no longer treated by the NHS.

By searching our user friendly website you can choose a convenient treatment centre and book from the comfort of your own armchair.

Our website also includes a question and answer section where you can contact our specialists directly.

  • The Team

    Our team works tirelessly to provide you with any information you may need regarding minor surgery operation procedures, costs, clinics and keeping in touch with patients who have already undergone successful procedures as well as the specialists who performed them.

  • How We Work

    The minor operation community is created both for patients and practitioners, in order to offer them fulfillment and teach them about the minor surgery procedure and what is right or wrong about it before choosing the treatment.

  • Our Story

    Our story began when we couldn’t find the answers we wanted and needed, regarding minor operation procedures and everything that is related to them. We strive to keep you as well-informed as possible.

  • Our Medical Services

    With minor surgery and radiosurgery we can change a whole world. Here we present you the range of treatments and interventions available to be performed in the best medical centers and facilities.